V-Station E-Sports Experience Exhibition
space&exeperience 2020 Shanghai

The first domestic e-sports experience hall V-Station is officially launched!

In order to build the cultural content of Shanghai's global e-sports capital, popularize e-sports content and deliver positive values. On October 1, 2020, under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Shanghai Pudong District Propaganda Department, and supported by the Shanghai E-sports Association, the first domestic offline e-sports trend cultural experience venue-Tencent E-sports V-Station Experience Hall was officially unveiled Shanghai. It is a large immersive space of 1300 square meters, including 14 + cool scene settings, 5 interactive theme areas, and 6 e-sports potential tests.Tencent E-sports and Blackbow joined hands to carry cultural connotation in the form of technology, interpret the Chinese spirit with digital art, and use new media technology to show the history of Chinese e-sports development, the vigorous development of Tencent’s e-sports ecosystem, the talent and speciality of e-sports players, the stories of e-sports practitioners , and the re-presentation of the championship scenes over the years. Showing the passion, glory and dreams of e-sports to the public.

Review the footprints left by generations of e-sports practitioners, re-take the path of e-sports development, feel the glory of history, and witness  the vigorous development of e-sports. Blackbow lasted two years, breaking through numerous difficulties and leaving a strong mark on the road of e-sports marching to the Olympics. Hoping we can meet again in the arena and witnessing the power of Chinese e-sports in the future together.


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